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One's a real straight shooter. The other's a total wild card. Together, chasing down a mystery, they are... Partners.

Partners is a unique story-telling game where the plot is procedurally generated. Using random words and a regular playing card deck, two players will build their very own detective show, four suspects and a solution to the mystery even they won't see coming. 

Although designed specifically for two players, the game can be played with one or many. You just need a deck of cards and a desire to butt heads and solve crimes.

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Conspiracies! Cyberpunk! Cthulhu! Meddling Kids!

Noir! Old Ladies! and of course Sherlock Holmes!



Buy Now$25.00 USD or more

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Partners_Digi_FA2_Outlined_Singles.pdf 9 MB
Partners_Digi_FA2_Outlined_Spreads.pdf 11 MB
Partners_Playsheets_Print_2.pdf 1 MB

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